Upon Abstract acceptance, there are two modalities of presentation of works in the MESIC 2019: ORAL and POSTER.

ORAL Communication:


POSTER presentation:


At the time of Abstract submission, authors will be requested to manifest is communication preference: oral or poster.

The Organizing Committee will try to meet the requests made by the authors of the work, although the final assignment of the type of presentation will be made taking into account the number of requests and the organization of the sessions.

From the point of view of its publication, the treatment of the works will be the same regardless of the format chosen for its presentation. Accepted papers will be included, as in previous editions, preferably in a special issue of Procedia Manufacturing (ELSEVIER - ISSN 2351-9789).

Remember: Regardless of the modality assigned, the author of the work must present the complete text of the work, structured according to the template and according to the indications contained therein.